I met an old man in Mecca. He was really old and couldn’t go to pray or to offer umrah more than two times. I saw many people (including his closest relatives) saying bad things about him. I heard them saying he is such a bad person that Allah is’nt allowing him to pray even here in such a holy place, in His home. He saves all his money for nobody but himself. Where will he take his money and savings, why doesn’t he come to pray, why does he stays at hotel room all the time. I noticed that he was getting sick everyday. He even was admitted to a hospital in Madina. He was not getting any better. And he offered the prayers of all time the least.
The greatest thing that happened when we were about to return, sitting in our buses for airport was that he was taking his last breaths at the time of tahajjud. He was better before we were waiting for our buses to come. And just when our buses arrived. He took his last breath drinking zamzam water. He died. He died in Madina. His son had to stay there and postpone his flight. He was buried there. He died. He died and taught me the greatest lesson of life. That we are no one to judge a person by the way he lives in front of us. We should never judge others by their actions. We never know what a person has between him and his Allah. We are no one to abuse others who do not show how much they love Allah and we never know what Allah loves about a person. So we should look upon ourselves and our relation with our lord and not on others and their actions. We should always strive to do better in our religion and improve our inner souls and never check on others’ attitudes, actions, how they appear in front of us or anything. The death of that old man taught me that we can never know and judge who is closest to Allah. He was not there for ibadat but he was there to die. To die in the land of our Prophet (PBUH). I never talked to that man more than one time and now all I want is to talk to him once and I wish I could thank him for the lesson he taught me about life. May Allah bless him. Ameen

Kashaf maheen


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