Feminism started out as a revolutionary idea, promoting equal rights for women, but soon attracted more hate than support, especially from Indian men, and we can see why. Feminism may be the need of the hour in India, but the way it has been interpreted by the so called ‘Modern feminists’ speaks a whole new language. Technically speaking, I don’t believe there has ever been a single united feminism. There have been multiple feminisms representing the efforts of women to live into their full humanity in a world shaped by and for the generally larger and more violent male half of the human species.

These days, modern feminists don’t seem to focus on key societal issues. Rather, in order to be heard, they like to focus on trivial things such as to use words such as progressive, marginalised and offensive constantly to try and shut down the debate. Modern feminists have become emotional reactive narcissists trying to make a name for themselves than focus on the key issues at hand. If you make the entire movement about yourself then people are going to lose interest.

Let’s see what the modern feminists are doing in the name of empowerment of women by spoiling feminism for everyone in the country:

  Many modern feminists switch sides as per their convenience. They want to be equal but they also want the sympathy of being a woman.   Many modern feminists stereotype all men to be rapists. We cannot insult a whole gender on the basis of a few culprits and expect them to be supportive of the movement. Remember this: we can’t fight this battle with the understanding and support of men.The fight for equality goes for a toss the moment a woman demands reservation, by taking the reserved seat in public transport, they’re only alienating themselves even more from men. The reserved seat doesn’t make men respect a woman, instead it sends out a message that she is weak, incapable and incompetent. Everyone understands why pregnant women, physically challenged and old people need reserved seats – they’re physically weaker, more vulnerable (for the lack of better words) than the rest of us. But there’s no reason why a woman needs to be given a reserved seat or a whole coach in the Delhi metro. A stronger security system instead makes so much more sense. They need to teach men how to stay with women, not stay away from them. There’s a way of saying everything. Modern feminists whinge on Tumblr and protest in immature way, the only way we can make people understand the importance and relevance of women empowerment in the country is by discussion where we need to make people realize how patriarchal they are in their mind-set, even if subconsciously, but with convincing arguments, not insults, not by shutting them nastily on social media. They outburst aggressively because most people don’t even consider discussing women empowerment and thus, opening their minds isn’t a good idea anymore, for the fear of being targeted. Modern feminists just don’t acknowledge that there are women who misuse laws and cheat men in the name of women empowerment. Not that acknowledging the truth would change anything, but it would definitely build the trust factor between the two genders.  Modern feminists have the ability to find sexism in the most innocent of gestures. It is perfectly okay to crack a joke on men but the moment they crack one on women, they’re insulted.Modern feminists fail to understand that there are women who are housewives not by chance but by choice, for them she is not liberated and they look at her with pity and sympathy or just hate.Modern feminists talk about things that are just unacceptable, be it a woman or a man in question, much like how the ” My Choice” video or the movie ” Parched ” supported infidelity. Cheating on your partner doesn’t empower you. Modern feminists act as if there is some sort of collective witch hunt against the entire female demographic within society, and men simply cannot understand ever because they’ve never been in that position . Now, this doesn’t justify the claim that that we don’t need women empowerment in the country. We really do, but it wouldn’t hurt women to agree that neither all women are oppressed nor all men are rapists and that crime has no gender.

Now, Let’s see what modern feminists should do for the real empowerment of women:

Modern feminists should focus more on the key issues such as domestic violence, gender based discrimination and inequality at workplace  than the trivial issues like ‘why should I be hiding my bra strap’ and ‘why should I cover my pack of sanitary napkin in black bag’.  While those are, of course, valid arguments, and important in their own relevance, they do trivialize the movement. Modern feminists must understand that not all men are same and are not to be painted with the same brush. Modern feminists should see that it is not only the working class women who want feminism to lead a better life, but also the rural and tribal  .

Drawn from a cross-section of economic, social, and political concerns, these facts about women convey the enormity of the gap between men and women, and why we need modern feminism for closing the gap:       One out of every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

      One out of every six women will be sexually assaulted and/or raped in her lifetime.

      Even in the 10 top paying jobs for women, they earn less than men.

      Women account for around two-thirds of the world’s working hours and earn only 10% of the world’s income.

      Women produce HALF of the world’s food and own only 1% of its land.

      50% of global population suffers daily discrimination, increased risk of assault, and all kinds of other problems just by virtue of being female. 

      Approximately, 2 million baby girls are killed every year.

To the extent that there is a capital-F Feminism that has dominated the history of feminist thought, it tends to correspond with the goals of the modern upper-class women who have traditionally been given, and still tend to have, disproportionate power to spread their message, but the movement is so much more than that.

People are turning their back on feminism because the movement has been hijacked and people are fed up of the constant stream of attention seeking whinging that comes from modern feminists.

If you wish to end patriarchy, matriarchy is not the solution. Two wrongs never make a right. If feminism has to be made effective and result-oriented feminists need to start looking for sustainable solutions, instead of just finding ways to get back at men. 

Shruthi Iyer



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